Why Does Macklemore Suck?

He’s besties with leading anti-union CEO John Legere

Ugh, the worst.

“Electronic Sweatshops”

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis played a special promotional show for T-Mobile and the company’s noted anti-union CEO, John Legere. Among human rights advocates, T-Mobile is notorious for bad conditions in its call centers, and CEO John Legere ruthlessly cracks down on workers’ attempts to speak out about it.

Despite attempts by students to get Macklemore to take a stance against T-Mobile’s electronic sweatshops, he has yet to confront the company he so shamelessly promoted.

In “Contradiction,” Macklemore said “I stand up for human rights, and treat others how I would wanna be treated” — but where is he when it comes to T-Mobile workers’ human rights? Macklemore should take a stand against T-Mobile’s electronic sweatshops and pledge to not work with the company again until it changes its behavior.

What’s this all about?

T-Mobile is the fourth largest wireless network in United States, bringing in an annual revenue of $24.42 billion. Despite the company’s growth in customers and profit, T-Mobile ignores human rights violations in their call centers and retail stores.

United Students Against Sweatshops is running a national “Justice at T-Mobile” campaign in solidarity with T-Mobile call center and retail workers across the country who are currently working for union neutrality and respect at the workplace.

In September 2013, 8 MetroPCS retail store workers tried to organize a union for better working conditions. The aggressively anti-worker CEO John Legere traveled to the store to try and prevent these workers from forming a union. Furthermore, T-Mobile call centers and retail stores continue to have an extremely high turnover rate because of lack of job security, awful working conditions such as being forced to wear dunce caps, and facing so much stress that workers are forced to seek medical attention.

Why should Macklemore take a stand?

Macklemore is a role model for millions of young people, and as a well-known celebrity has tremendous leverage over the direction of social justice conversations. In the past Macklemore has been extremely vocal for issues such as gay marriage and racial profiling.

What has Macklemore’s response been?

Unfortunately, T-Mobile and Macklemore seem to have a few things in common, such as ignoring students and T-Mobile workers. In April, we sent this letter to Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, but haven’t received a response. And in the meantime, Macklemore has continued to promote T-Mobile:

What are students doing?

Students across the country are engaging in a national campaign on their campuses to get their universities to cut contracts with T-Mobile unless the company agrees to union neutrality. Your campus could be next!